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Margaret Dunn Loringer, LPN
“Over the years, the nurses here at Innova have served some of the most outstanding families in our
community.  We’ve earned the trust of our residents and their loved ones by providing excellent care in a safe and compassionate environment.”

Margaret Wallace, LPN
“Our team believes in the care, concern, love and respect of our residents. At Innova we are a family, extended far beyond the walls around us.”

Juliana Andrew, LPN
“Innova has a very family-oriented environment.  Everyone helps whenever I ask. Innova has very caring aides.”

Nikki Rodriguez, Certified Nurse Assistant
“Management has been very nice to everyone. I love it here. It’s wonderful!”

Luan Sulmonetti, Certified Nurse Assistant, Sub-Acute Unit
“This is my second home. The teamwork and the communication are great.”

KATHY CORNWALL Admission Director
2008 Revenue Employee of the Year

"It is a pleasure to work with individuals who recognize the tremendous importance of going the "extra mile", and that our common goal is the care and well being of the resident.

2008 Activities Employee of the Year

"I have worked at a variety of health care settings over the past 11 years and can truly say that the staff here at Innova Hammonton is the best team I have ever worked with. We truly pull together for whatever the need is and always lift one another up to help maximize each team member's potential to serve our residents.

A prime example was the joint efforts of all of our staff during our Essentia Product development to prepare for our Grand Opening this past September. We have a fantastic Administrator who truly encourages each staff member to bloom where we're planted. "